Sunday, February 19, 2012

hottest sun tattoo designs

Aztec tattoos are the most meaningful and simple designs available. These tattoo designs are decorative and symbolically meaningful. These tattoos trace a direct line from this powerful and ancient civilization of Central America to its roots in modern Latin American culture.
One of the most common forms of Aztec tattoos is that of Quetzalcoatl. This represent some of the most interesting and meaningful forms of body modification. This feathered serpent reflects both intelligence and wisdom.
Aztec tattoos, like many other tattoos administered by the cultures of this region, reflected a devotion to their deities. Aztec calendar, books and tattoos that represent most powerful Aztec deity are intended to convey a sense of ancient wisdom along with great ethnic identification to this area of Central America.
Tattooing was a common practice among many tribes in Central America and most of the designs that exist now are ancient symbols that worshipped and offered respect to these sometimes moody gods and goddesses. Early Aztec tattoos also helped identify the rank of a warrior and the deeds he had accomplished. It was also believed that tattoos could help in the afterlife's the spirit of the tattoo lived on to guide lost souls.
It was believed that the first sun has the job of guarding heaven. Making body art of this particular theme a powerful symbol of rebirth and a belief in the afterlife. The sun was a powerful deity for the Aztecs, so it's no surprise that Aztec tattoos that depict the sun in a strong and stylized design is a common choice.
Another Aztec tattoos includes the Aztec gods such as Tezcatlipoca, the god of warriors. Tezcatlipoca, after all, who inspired human sacrifices and brought the practice to Central America. These Aztec tattoos are countless.

The Aztecs were a great warrior nation they started with nothing in the 12th century and became one of the most powerful and advanced civilizations ever in the course of 200 year and tattoos that depict this powerful deity are some of the most decorative and intense tattoos ever created.
Many modern Mexicans choose Aztec tattoos as homage to their powerful and industrious ancestors. But even those from other parts of the world find them a nice form of body art to show respect for an ancient and powerful civilization who, despite no written language, we still talk about today.
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