Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lower Back Tattoo Designs For Women

If there is one part of the body where women opt to have their tattoos inked, it’s the lower back. One of the strong reasons why an increasing number of females prefer such a spot is because it represents the sensual self.
A mere glimpse of a nicely inked symbolic design (that suits a lady’s personality) on her lower back can be real sexy. Tattoos in this area for women have also zoomed in popularity because they want to imitate some famous actresses.
Women are also inclined to favor the lower back because body art placed in that erogenous zone may be conveniently hidden in certain situations (like the corporate setting). On the other hand, women may flaunt it all day long when spending a weekend at the beach – making it an excellent location for your tat.
For some people who are pondering on going for one of the many artistic lower back designs for women, the pain that may accompany the tattooing process comes into the picture.
Online discussions reveal that most people who have had lower back tats done experienced tolerable pain.
The lower back has more fat, so it may hurt less than if the tattoo were inked on the chest. People’s threshold for pain varies, though – what may be tolerable for some may be agonizing for others. Itchy reactions or skin becoming less sensitive to touch may also be the after-effects of a tat, whether on the lower back or other body part.
What is important is that those who are getting tats seek a good and reliable tattoo artist who may even recommend nice lower back designs. For women, symbolic designs of varying sizes abound. The options may range from butterfly to tribal, floral & hearts, to many other interesting designs that can accentuate a woman’s curvy figure.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Owl tattoos Designs and Meaning

Owl tattoo is one of the popular tattoos among bird tattoos, it has many different meanings and all of them depend on the culture discussed. The owl normally had a good meaning in most cultures, but it might link to a bad omen too in some cultures.

Owl Tattoo in Ancient

The guardian of night was the symbol of intelligence, status and wealth in culture of Greek, Roman and Celtic. In ancient Egypt, the owl was seen as guardian of underworlds and seer of death.

Owl Tattoos Cute Owl Tattoos Cute Owl Tattoos Cute Owl Tattoos

Among the Native Americans, the owl was associated with wisdom, prophet and keeper of sacred knowledge, this was a bit similar to crow. In Africa owl was associated with negative meanings such as illness and death. Sorcery and witches were also associated with owl in Africa culture.

Ankle Owl Tattoos Shoulder Owl Tattoos
Waist Owl Tattoos Owl Tattoos Owl Tattoos

Owl Tattoo in Eastern

Throughout the ages, owl was seen as a bad omen in the China. Chinese believed that if you saw a owl then it would bring bad luck to you. However that was another interpretation in the another eastern culture, Japan. Owl was seen as longevity, happiness and good luck in Japan.

Hand Owl Tattoos Hand Owl Tattoos

Owl Tattoos Pictures

Shoulder Owl Tattoos Shoulder Owl Tattoos Shoulder Owl Tattoos
Owl Tattoos Pictures Waist Owl Tattoos Owl Tattoos Sketching
Owl Tattoos on body back Tribal Owl Tattoos